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Every great team has great players and this food blog (and family!) is no different. Zeke loves to cook/bake anything and is consistently looking for the best version of whatever it is he made, Bethany is an amazing photographer (just look at the Fajita Nacho blog post), Lincoln (3) will eat almost anything we put in front of him (but not mushrooms) and his brother Henry (1) will eat almost nothing – just to keep us on our feet. Join us as we discover/create new recipes for our family to enjoy – and yours!

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This extremely delicious, three ingredient fudge will be sure to wow everyone at your next event! 

Taking pumpkin to the next level, this classy and full flavored risotto will “wow” your friends and family while making you feel like a star chef! 

This is possible the best chicken and noodle soup you will ever have.The broth sports a deep flavor due to the bay leaves, the chicken is extremely moist and spaetzle noodles really have a chance to shine!

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